Richard Linyard, 23, Is Remembered for Message of Unity

Aug 9, 2015

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By Jaron Epstein

Richard Linyard, known as a leader amongst his peers and conscious rapper under the name “Afrikan Richie,” died on July 19. He was 23 years old.

Growing up in Oakland, he was a devoted son and brother, making sure his mother and brother were always taken care of. Wherever you saw Richard, his younger brother was never too far behind him.

He is remembered as a young man that always took the high road to avoid altercations.

Richard was always into music. He started writing raps about 15 years ago reflecting his personal experiences.

One of his songs, “For the People,” reflected on the challenges faced by Black people, the assassination of Black leaders and other tactics that were used to dismantle the Black movement.

The musical message he shared with young people was, everybody hustles in his or her own way but don’t just hustle for material things.

Richard had a strong sense of self and pride in being a Black man. He was full of love and compassion for all people and touched many lives.

He will be remembered for standing up and speaking out for young people and spreading a message of unity amongst all oppressed people.

A GoFundMe page created by a cousin of Richard’s  at, remembers him as “a bright young man who was always there to help someone in need.”

Donations will assist with burial funds.