Inspiring Creativity and Solidarity

Ken A. Epstein is a writer and photographer. He lives in Oakland, California, the U.S.A, where he edits, reports, and takes pictures for the Oakland Post and the other Bay Area publications of the Post News Group.

A graduate of UC Berkeley in history, he attended the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and earned a teaching credential at California State University East Bay. He speaks Spanish and has traveled extensively in Latin America, especially Nicaragua and Ecuador.

Oakland Crossings ( features Ken's work and that of some of his friends (with authorship identified). The website's name is meant to convey the importance of crossing lines, boundaries, barriers, and frontiers to become informed, make connections and form alliances. Crossing boundaries has the power to open possibilities for creativity, commonality, cooperation, and solidarity.

Ken's photos and articles may be reproduced if credited to the author.
Special thanks to Lynette Neidhardt ([email protected]), who designed the Oakland Xings cover collage.

Ken A. Epstein